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peat-bogs, with the characteristic flora of pitcher-plants, orchids, heaths, etc. Such is the general character of the country extending from Aurora to Richmond Hill and as far west as Schoenberg and Maple. The G.T.R. as well as the Metropolitan Electric Railway and its connection with the Schomberg line provide a ready means of access for those wishing to make explorations in this region.

Glen Stuart (the Ames Property).—Take King Street car going east to Scarborough Beach Park. The southern entrance of Glen Stuart is opposite the Park.

Highland Creek.—Take King Street East cars to the Woodbine. Transfer to Kingston Road cars and go to terminus ; then go down hill to the valley and walk up the valley.

High Park.—Most easily reached by College Street cars, which enter Park.

Humber Valley.—Take the King West cars until they turn, then the car to the Humber and walk northward ; or take the Pandas cars to Keele Street and then the Lambton car to its terminus ; walk westward to the Humber and south along the west bank.

Inglewood.—Take C.P.R to Inglewood. The beginning of the Niagara escarpment is well marked here.



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