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Credit Forks.—Take C.P.R. to Credit Forks. Here the Niagara escarpment reaches its maximum height. A section nearly 350 feet high has been exposed by the cutting action of a branch of the Credit river. "From the bed of the creek a slope of red clay extends upwards for approximately half the height of the escarpment. Overlying this is an exposure of Medina sandstone, while the top of the cliff furnishes an outcrop of 150 feet of nearly vertical limestone of the Niagara formation."—Cosens. This is a naturalist's paradise.

Devil's Den.—Reached from Whitby by walking north 11/4 miles, west 1/2 mile, north 11/4 miles, west 1 mile, north 11/4 miles; or by C.N.R.

" Dutch Church."—See at end of chapter on Geology.

Etobicoke.—Take the King Street West cars to their terminus; then the Port Credit car to Brown's stop ; go down to the river and walk north.

Eversley Lake District.—The Eversley Lake district contains a number of small lakes belonging to the same group as Lakes Bond and Wilcox. The region possesses great variety of scenery, and the soil, although for the most part excellent for farming, is invaded in many places not only by lakes and small ponds, but often by a considerable extent of swampy ground surrounding these Much of this low-lying land consists of


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