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Bear Swamp occupies three or four hundred acres in Scarborough Township. It is on Highland Creek about three or four miles from Lake Ontario. Take radial line at Woodbine to West Hill, walk down hill and turn north.

Bond Lake.—Take Metropolitan line to Bond Lake. There is a good supply of boats for hire here.

Brampton.—Reached by G.T.R. or C.P.R. Brampton is the home of the Dale nurseries, the rose houses of which cover a space of more than twenty acres under glass.

Burketon.—Take the C.P.R. to Burketon; go north along the Scugog road until Blackstock is reached; turn east to the swamp.

Burlington.—Take the G.T.R. for Hamilton; leave the railway at Burlington and walk southward to the lake.

Churchville.—On the C.P.R. just beyond Meadow-vale. Eldorado, near by, is one of the few stations for the White Dog's-tooth Violet.


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