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E. M. WALKER, B.A., M.B.

JUDGING from its insect fauna, Toronto lies approximately on the boundary line between the Transition and Upper Austral Zones of Merriam. A number of species common in the Niagara Peninsula reach their northern limits in about this vicinity, particularly in the Don and Humber Valleys and in the sandy uplands of High Park and the adjoining country.

Ten years ago it was not necessary for the entomologist to travel far beyond the city limits in order to secure a good representation of the species of any order of insects native to the Toronto district. With the rapid growth of the suburbs of late years, how-ever, many of the old hunting grounds have been cut up by new streets and converted into building lots, golf-grounds, etc., so that the entomologist must now go farther and farther afield in order to provide himself with specimens of all the species that once were obtainable within the city limits.

For general collecting the old Belt Line and the Humber, Don and Credit Valleys, Highland and Black Creeks are to be recommended. For species


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