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Carterius tubisperma Mills—Sunnyside.

Spongilla lacustris Linn.*

fragilis Leidy.*

Ephydatia fluviatilis (L.) is probably the sponge recorded from Grenadier Pond by Goadby and Bovell as Spongia fluviatilis.


These simplest forms of animal life form a considerable part of the plankton or floating life of our waters, and also occur in debris on the bottom and in moist situations of all kinds. Parasitic species are to be found in members of all the other groups, and they even parasitize other Protozoa. The few species reported from this district are,

  1. By Bovell, from the Humber and Island Ponds,

Amoeba princeps.   Kolpoda cucullus.

Stentor caeruleus.   Paramecium aurelia.

Vorticella convallaria.   Oxytricha gibba.

Leugophrys patula.   Chilodon cucullus.

  1.  By Acheson, from tap-water,

Dinobryon stipitatum. Salpingoeca fusiformis. Asterosiga sp.

Stylobryon petiolatum. Peridinium sp.

Vorticella sp.

Stentor sp.

Amoeba proteus.

,,   radiosa. Difflugia globulosa. Actinophrys sol. Acanthocystis turpacea ? Monas lens.

Dinobryon sertularia.


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