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The tape-worms are internal parasites of vertebrates. Their larvae (cysticerci or bladder-worms) are parasites of other vertebrates or of invertebrates. Dr. E. M. Walker has given me the following list of species that are found here. It is merely a beginning.

Dipylidium caninum (L.)—in the Dog and Cat (adult).

Taenia serrata Goeze—in the Rabbit (cysticercus).


saginata Goeze—in Man (adult).

"   echinococcus v. Sieb.—in Man (cysticercus).

"   serialis (Gerv.)—in the Rabbit (cysticercus).


Our only representative of this group that contains so very many marine species is the well-known Hydra, that has been the subject of such a large number of experiments in regeneration.

Hydra viridissima Pallas—(Dr. E. M. Walker). " polypus L—Sunnyside.

"   oligactis Pallas—Michigan.*


vulgaris Pallas—Michigan.*


Our fresh-water sponges are few in kinds, but often grow in great luxuriance. 281

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