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INVERTEBRATES Ascaris lumbricoides L.—in Man.


suum Goeze—in Pig.

equorum Goeze—in Horse.

Filaria triaeuncha Wright—in Bittern (Wright). Ancyracanthus cystidicola (Schn.)—in Salmon (Wright).

Ancyracanthus serratus Wright—in Whitefish (Wright).

Echinorhyncus sp.—in Whitefish (Morris). Gigantorhyncus gigas (Goeze)—in Pig.

From Montgomery's account of the hair-worms or hair-eels (Proc. Ac. Phil., vol. 59) there are perhaps four species that may be expected to occur here.



The free-living flat-worms or Planarians are abundant in our waters and may be found on the under surfaces of stones, etc. None seem to have been reported from Toronto.


These animals are when adult internal or external parasites of vertebrates (for the most part).

Sphyranura osleri Wright—in Mud-puppy (Wright). Polystoma oblongum Wright — in Mud-turtle (Wright).

Octobothrium sagittatum (Leuck.) — in Sucker (Wright).


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