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Fredericella sultana (Blumenbach)—Bond Lake. Plumatella repens (L.)—High Park, Don.

emarginata Allman—Etobicoke.

punctata Hancock—Georgian Bay.* Cristatella mucedo Cuvier—Georgian Bay.* Pectinatella magnifica (Leidy)—Humber (Osler).


The wheel-animalcules are favourite objects of study for the naturalist with a microscope. Jennings has listed 164 species as occurring in the Great Lakes. Lake Ontario has been scarcely touched.

Bovell notices the following from the Humber and Island Ponds,

Megalotrocha alboflavicans Ehrenb. Floscularia ornata Ehrenb. Rotifer vulgaris Schrank.

Acheson lists from tap-water,—Anuraea stipata Ehrenb. Brachionus sp.



The round or thread worms are to be found as internal parasites of practically all our vertebrates, including man himself. Many forms also occur in water or in moist earth.

Anguillula fluviatilis—Tap-water (Acheson). Ascaris microcephala Rud. ?—in Bittern (Wright). 278

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