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The leeches or bloodsuckers are partly carnivorous and partly parasitic on our aquatic Vertebrates (principally fish and turtles). For the following list of Toronto species I am indebted to Miss C. G. S. Ryerson.

Glossiphonia stagnalis (L.)—shores and pools everywhere. (Harbour by Nichol-son as Clepsine submodesta.)


complanata (L.)—Humber, Toronto

Bay, Don. (Harbour by Nichol-son as Clepsine patelliformis).


heteroclita (L.)—Sunnyside.

Placobdella parasitica (Say)—Etobicoke, Weston.


phalera (Graf)—Humber.

Erpobdella punctata (Leidy)—shores and pools everywhere. (Harbour by Nichol-son as Nephelis lateralis.)

Piscicola (?) milneri (Verrill).—Humber. Placobdella pitta (Verrill)—Grenadier Pond. Haemopis marmoratus (Say)—Etobicoke.


These curious " moss-animals " are sedentary. They are found growing in colonies as much as a foot in diameter, attached to all sorts of objects in the water.

Paludicella   articulata   (Ehrenberg)--Georgian Bay.*


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