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Eucrangonyx gracilis (Smith)—Bond Lake. This is perhaps the Crangonyx (?) sp. of Nicholson from the Bay.

Gammarus fasciatus Say—Humber, Sunnyside,
Toronto Bay, Don, etc.

"   limnaeus Smith—Georgian Bay.* Hyalella knickerbockeri (Bate)—Etobicoke, Humber, Black Creek, Sunnyside.


The aquatic forms are found in company with the shore forms of the previous group, but they are crawlers rather than swimmers.

Mancasellus tenax (Smith)—Island.

"   " dilata (Smith)—Georgian Bay.* Asellus communis Say—Etobicoke, Humber, Sunny-side, Toronto Bay.

The terrestrial species, known commonly as pill-bugs or woodlice, are to be found under nearly every board, stone, etc.

Oniscus asellus Linn.—near Niagara.*

Cylisticus convexus (De Geer)—Saginaw, Michigan.*

Porcellio rathkei Brandt.


spinicornis Say—Niagara.*


scaber Latreille—Niagara.*


The phyllopods, though larger than the animals of the three following groups, have a habitat similar 274

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