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Cambarus diogenes Girard—Detroit and Lake Erie.* fodiens (Cottle). (Faxon). affinis (Say)—Niagara.* propinquus Girard. (Faxon). virilis Hagen. (Faxon).

immunis Hagen—Detroit.* rusticus Girard—Lake Erie.*

The following shrimp, received through Dr. E. M. Walker, has been found in the Welland River and may occur here,

Palaemonetes exilipes Stimpson.* Schizopoda.

The deep-water shrimp of the Great Lakes, which forms such a considerable part of the food of the whitefish, is also found in the lakes of Northern Europe. It has doubtless been derived independently on the two continents from the marine Mysis oculata.

Mysis relicta Loven.—Stomach of ling, Port Credit (obtained by Mr. A. R. Cooper).



The small shrimps of this group often swarm along the quiet margins of the lakes, the streams and the ponds and also on the bottom down to consider-able depths. They serve as food for many of the fishes.

Pontoporeia hoyi Smith (by Nicholson as P. affinis). 18   273

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