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During the hot summer months the Perch of shallow, weedy waters become soft and lose their fine flavour. To anglers accustomed to Black Bass and Lunge it is rather an insignificant species, but it has this to recommend it, that it can be caught by anybody, with any sort of tackle, at all times of the year. The Perch spawns in early spring, and the eggs, which are very small, are enclosed in a long, narrow trans-lucent strip of adhesive mucus.

  1. Tessellated Darter. Boleosoma nigrum olmstedi (Storer).—Common in all streams and sandy bays.

  2. Blue Darter. Rainbow Darter. Etheostoma coeruleum (Storer).—Gayest of all the Darters, and, indeed, the gaudiest of all fresh-water fishes. It makes its home in the ripples and shallows of the rivers and in the shady retreats of brooks. In the vicinity of Toronto this fish is rare. I have found it only in two streams on the eastern side of the district.



  1. White Bass. Roccus chrysops (Rafinesque). —The White Bass is taken occasionally in Toronto Bay and at the mouth of the Humber River. It is gregarious, usually swimming in shoals containing a large number of individuals. As a game fish it ranks high, for it takes minnow bait readily, and during the summer months rises to a fly well. It is an excellent table fish when fresh caught. It spawns in May or June.


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