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worthy of much more attention from fish culturists than it has heretofore received, for when taken from clear water it is one of the best table fish we have.

  1. Rock Bass. Am bloplites rupestris (Rafinesque).—The Rock Bass grows to a length of about a foot and a weight of a pound and a half, though such large specimens are not often seen now. A common species in all suitable waters of this locality. Its usual haunts are dark holes in streams and lakes, where aquatic vegetation flourishes, and it is often to be found in considerable numbers about docks or timber work which shades the water. From these places it emerges towards nightfall and roams about in search of the insects, crustaceans and small fish which form its food. When taken from clear, cold water it is esteemed as a table fish.

  2. Blue Sunfish. Lepomis pallidus (Mitchill). —This species was formerly common in Toronto and Ashbridge's Bay, but is now seldom seen. As a table fish it is highly esteemed, and, in proportion to its size, possesses greater fighting qualities than any fresh-water fish we have.

  3. Yellow Sunfish. Pumpkin Seed. Eupomotis gibbosus (Linnaeus).—Very common in all waters of this district. Though rather too small to be of value as a game or food fish, yet it affords great sport to the younger anglers, and is by no means to be despised upon the table. Spawning is in May and June, the fish resorting to shallow water, where the ova are deposited in nests scooped out in the sand


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