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in spring in the inlets and streams falling into Lake Ontario. The male of this species constructs a rather elaborate nest, of sand, pieces of sticks, weeds, etc., in which the female deposits her ova. When this is done the male stands guard over it, fanning with his fins to promote circulation of the water, only leaving his post to dart at an intruder or secure some small insect for food.

GROUP PERCOIDEA. (The Perch-like Fishes.)
CENTRARCHIDAE. (The Sunfishes.)

37. Speckled Bass. Calico Bass. Pomoxis sparoides (Lacepede).—The Speckled Bass is found in Ashbridge's Bay, Toronto Bay, and most of the ponds and sluggish streams near Toronto where there is an abundance of aquatic vegetation, under which it lies in wait for the insects, crustaceans and small fish upon which it feeds. It spawns in the early summer, and is said to scoop out a nesting-place in the sand in the same manner as the Sunfishes and Black Bass. As a food and game fish it stands high in the estimation of anglers, though it is not a very persistent fighter. Being gregarious and congregating in schools, under overhanging weeds and such like places, it may be captured in great numbers when a favourite haunt is discovered. This species readily adapts itself to life in artificial ponds and is


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