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FISHES POECILIIDAE. (The Killifishes.)

  1. Killifish. Fresh-water Killy. Fundulus diaphanus (Lesueur).—Abundant in bays and shallow inlets near the lake ; usually found quite close to the shore line, associated in small shoals. . A fairly good bait fish, though not as attractive as the bright shiners and chub. This species attains a length of about four inches.

GASTEROSTEIDAE. (The Sticklebacks.)

  1. Brook Stickleback. Euealia inconstans (Kirtland).—Common in small streams and ponds, where it secretes itself among water plants, ready at any moment to attack any small fish which approaches its lair, or to dart upon passing insects small enough to become its prey. This species is a nest-builder and is particularly vigorous in the defence of its eggs or young. It grows to a length of two and a half inches.

  2. Ten-spined Stickleback. Pygosteus pungitius (Linnaeus).—Found in Toronto Bay and Ash-bridge's Bay. Not abundant.

  3. Two-spined Stickleback. Gasterosteus bispinosus (Walbaum).—In the breeding season the male is brilliant bluish or greenish above, with indistinct dark bars, and generally bright red below. Length in our waters about three inches. Rather common


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