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the streams, but as the temperature rises and hot weather sets in they retire to the deeper pools or the vicinity of cold springs, where they remain until the return of autumn starts them up stream again. Though commonly called Brook Trout, our fish is really a Charr, and is closely allied to, if not identical with, the famous Charr of North Britain and the continent of Europe.

ORDER HAPLOMI. (Pike-like Fishes.)
U➢IBRIDAE. (Mud Minnows.)

  1. Mud Minnow. Dogfish. Umbra limi (Kirtland) .—Common and generally distributed in muddy streams and inlets. The name is said to be derived from a habit this fish has of burrowing into the mud when the water evaporates from the ditches and ponds it frequents. It is seldom seen in clear water, preferring to hide at all times under stones or among weeds. It reaches a length of about four inches.


LUCIIDAE. (Pikes.)

  1. Green Pike. Lucius reticulates (Lesneur). This small Pike does not seem to be at all common in our waters. I have taken a few in Toronto Bay. Its usual haunts are weedy streams, ponds and bays, where it lies in wait for the fish, frogs and other living creatures upon which it preys. It is said under favourable circumstances to attain a length


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