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ing. From early in March until early in November they are to be found near the shores of Lake Ontario, but are at the height of their abundance during June and July, and it is during these months that the great mortality takes place, millions of dead fish being cast up on the shore, and the surface of the water being literally strewed with the dead and dying. Where they go in the cold months of winter is uncertain, probably only into the deep water of the lake, though it is possible that they may work their way down to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. They are eatable, but being small and bony are not much appreciated.


SALMONIDAE. (The Salmons.)

  1. Frost-fish. Round Whitefish. Coregonus quadrilateralis (Richardson)—Common in Lake Ontario and highly esteemed as a food fish. It spawns in October and November, visiting the shallow parts of lakes and sandbars for that purpose.

  2. Common Whitefish. Coregonus clupei f ormis (Mitchill).—Formerly very abundant in Lake Ontario, but now scarce near Toronto. Although this is one of the most valuable of our commercial fish, its habits are not yet fully understood ; undoubtedly they vary much according to locality; the depth of water, currents or their absence, and climatic conditions all having some influence upon the movements of the fish in search of food, and upon the time and place of spawning. In Lake Ontario there is a movement of the Whitefish in early summer from the


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