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justly esteemed, and in the markets they always sell for a high price.

ORDER ISOSPONDYLI. (The Isospondylous

HIODONTIDAE. (The Moon-eyes.)

  1. Mooneye. Hiodon tergisus (Lesueur).—Occasional in Lake Ontario and sometimes strays into Toronto Bay, but is rare in this vicinity. It is a very handsome and good game fish, taking bait very readily, but its flesh is of no value as food.

DoRosoMIDAE. (Gizzard Shads.)

  1. Gizzard Shad. Dorosoma cepedianum (Lesueur).—Taken in Lake Ontario, but very rare. It is a handsome species, but of no value for food.

CLUPEIDAE. (The Herrings.)

  1. Gold Shad. Sawbelly. Pomolobus chrysochloris (Rafinesque).—Has been occasionally taken in Lake Ontario.

  2. Gaspereau Alewife. Pomolobus pseudoharengus (Wilson).—This fish is said to have been introduced into Lake Ontario in 1873 by mistake, the intention having been to stock the water with shad. Whether this is correct or not, the Gaspereau is now firmly established here, and in spite of the vast numbers which die every summer it seems to be increas-


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