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valuable fish will remain in it. The spawning season in our waters commences in June and seems to last till August. The fish are very prolific, make rapid growth, and attain a large size, specimens weighing over twenty pounds having frequently been taken in American waters, while in Europe they have been known to reach ninety pounds.

ORDER APODES. (The Eels.) ANGIIILLIDAE. (The True Eels.)

19. American Eel. Anguilla chrysypa (Rafinesque).—Common in Lake Ontario and all waters falling into it. Until recently the reproduction of the Eel has been involved in mystery, but the careful investigations of competent observers have resulted in showing that the Eel spawns in salt water, usually on mud banks off the mouths of rivers, to which they resort in late autumn. When the young Eels are from two to three inches long they ascend the rivers in vast numbers, travelling continually until they meet some obstacle which cannot be overcome. Professor Baird has estimated " that in the summer one may see hundreds of waggon loads of young Eels at the foot of Niagara Falls, crawling over the rocks and squirming in the seething waters." Where the obstruction to their passage permits it, the fish will leave the water and travel through wet grass in order to continue their journey. As a food fish Eels are

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