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  1. Butterfish. Golden Shiner. Abramis crysoleucas (Mitchill).—Common in the quiet, weedy waters of Toronto and Ashbridge's Bay. Its flesh is edible, but soft and weedy-flavored. Spawns in early summer.

  2. Shiner. Redfin. Dace. Notropis cornutus (Mitchill).—This handsome fish is abundant in all streams of any size, particularly so in those where rapids alternate with deep pools and eddies. It spawns in early summer on stony shallows. As a food fish it is of no value, its flesh being soft and tasteless, but it is unexcelled as bait for Maskinonge, Bass, etc.

  3. Notropis atherinoides (Rafinesque).-

  4. Long-nosed Dace. Niagara Gudgeon. Rhinichthys cataractae (Cuvier and Valenciennes). Abundant in the rapid streams.

  5. Black-nosed Dace. Rhinichthys atronasus (Mitchill).—Very common in all streams.

  6. Lake Chub. Couesins plumbeus (Agassiz). —Occurs in Lake Ontario, but is not common in this locality.

  7. Carp. Cyprinns carpio (Linnaeus) (Introduced).—There are three varieties of this species, the German or Scale Carp, the Mirror Carp, and the Leather Carp, the distinction between them being based upon the scale arrangement. The Leather Carp is nearly without scales. The Mirror has a few scales of unequal size, irregularly placed ; while the German variety has the body completely covered


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