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the bays and rivers in the vicinity of Toronto. It is one of the most voracious of our fishes, feeding upon all forms of small fry and insects, and where abundant is very destructive to the more valuable forms of fish life. Its flesh is said to be soft, nauseous and quite uneatable. In May and June the Dogfish resort to weedy bays and marshes, where they spawn, the parent fish remaining with the eggs until they are hatched, and afterwards protecting the young for some time. The female is larger than the male, sometimes reaching a length of twenty-four inches, while the male rarely exceeds eighteen.


TELEOSTEI. (The Bony Fishes.)
SILIIRIDAE. (Catfishes.)

4. Common Catfish. Bullhead. Ameiurus nebulosus (Lesueur). This species reaches a maximum length of about eighteen inches and a weight of four pounds ; the average of those taken in our waters is, however, much less. It is the common Catfish of the Province, occurring abundantly in all quiet streams, ponds and bays, especially in those having a mud bottom. Early in June, when about to spawn, the Catfishes select a spot in quiet, shallow water near aquatic weeds, and there they make a nest, from eight inches to one foot in diameter, by clearing out a slight depression in the mud or sand. In this nest about two thousand eggs are deposited, over


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