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sometimes until they have attained a length of eight inches.

GANOIDEI. (Ganoid Fishes.)


  1. Lake Sturgeon. Rock Sturgeon. Acipenscr rubicundus (Lesueur).—The fishermen make a distinction between the young and the old of this species, calling the former Rock Sturgeon and the older fish Lake Sturgeon. There is, however, but one Sturgeon in our waters; the difference in the size and shape of the snout and in the number and development of the spines between the immature fish and the adult is sometimes very great, hence the idea that two species are found. The Lake Sturgeon is found in Lake Ontario, but rarely near Toronto. It is a food fish of considerable commercial importance, its flesh being used either fresh or dried and smoked. From its roe the delicacy known as caviare is made. This fish attains a large size, specimens six feet in length and weighing one hundred pounds or more being not uncommon. The spawning season extends from the end of May to the beginning of July, during which period the fish run from the lakes up the rivers for a considerable distance for the purpose of depositing their ova.

ArIIIDAE. (The Eowfins.)

3. Dogfish.   Bowfin. Mudfish. Amia calva (Linn.).—This fish is found in the weedy waters of 250

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