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Spawns in shallow, quiet waters, the egg masses sub-merged, April 25-May 15. Tadpole quite light in colour. -Metamorphosis takes place in ten to twelve weeks.

Wood Frog, Rana sylvatica, LeConte. On all sides of the city, in moist woods with considerable undergrowth. Spawns on the bottom of pools, at a depth of about one foot. March 30-April 30. Tad-pole dark gray. Metamorphosis takes place in about ten weeks.

Green Frog, Rana clamitans, Latreille. On all *sides of the city, by marshy margins of bays, pools, rivers, or small streams. The spawn is spread on the surface of the water amongst weeds. May 25-August 10. Tadpole light coloured. Metamorphosis occurs only after one or two years.

Bullfrog, Rana catesbiana, Shaw. In the marshy margins of bays, rivers or large ponds, in the water or on a lily-leaf. The spawn is spread on the surface of the water, amongst weeds. June 20-July 25. Tadpole brownish green, large ; tail very long. Meta-morphosis occurs only after one or two years.

The following species may occur near Toronto, but they have not yet been reported nor have they come to the writer's notice :

Cricket Frog, Acris gryllus, LeConte. Northern Frog, Rana septentrionalis. Cambridge Frog, Rana cantabrigensis, Baird.


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