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Common Tree Frog, Hyla versicolor, LeConte. Occurs in woods containing bushes and low trees on all sides of the city. Spawns among grasses at edges of pools, eggs in small masses close to surface of water, or floating. May 20-July 1. The tadpole has a very considerable metallic lustre and shows very rapid movements. The metamorphosis takes place in about seven weeks.

Spring Peeper, Hyla pickeringii, Holbrook. Found only to west of city, though it probably occurs on the north and east as well. In woods containing bushes and low trees. The eggs are attached in very small * groups to grasses at the margin of pools, close to surface of water. April 10-May 1. The tadpole has but very little dark pigment. The metamorphosis occurs in about eight weeks, while the tail is yet long.

Leopard Frog, Rana pipiens, Shreber. In the neighbourhood of streams and pools, or even at considerable distances from water in long grass. On all sides of the city. Spawns in shallow parts of pools, egg masses submerged. April 13-May 20. Tadpole very dark. Metamorphosis takes place in about ten weeks.

Pickerel Frog, Rana palustris, Leconte. Near the edges of marshes and brooks, where the water may be reached by a few very long leaps. Has been found only along streams to the west of the city, but probably occurs to the north and east as well.


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