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Newt, Diemyctylus viridescens, Rafinesque. This includes the terrestrial variety, miniatus, Raf. The species occurs on all sides of the city, in pools, bays of the larger bodies of water, (e.g., Howard Lake and Island Lagoons), and in the quieter portions of streams where there is considerable vegetation growing in water. The eggs are deposited singly on water plants, almost daily for some weeks, April 15-June 15, and the metamorphosis takes place in September of the same year. The terrestrial stage lasts one or more years ; it is first interrupted by the return to water in breeding season, and as age increases this aquatic phase is lengthened and at last becomes permanent.



Common Toad, Bu f o lentiginosus, var. americanus, Cope. Occurs everywhere, in woods, along hedges and fences, in gardens. The spawn is in coiled strings, submerged at the edges of quiet waters. April-July. Tadpole black. Metamorphosis occurs after about eight weeks.

Swamp Tree Frog, Chorophilus triseriatus, Vied. Low and marshy land, Humber and Don valleys. Spawn in masses containing 20 to 100 eggs, sub-merged on grasses and twigs in pools in open meadows, ditches, etc. April 1-20. Tadpole black and sluggish. Metamorphosis occurs in ten to twelve weeks.


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