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OUT of about thirty Reptiles, that are found in the Province of Ontario, only eleven occur in the neighbourhood of Toronto.

Of these only two are turtles—the small Mud Turtle, and the large Snapping Turtle.

With a large marshy area, like Ashbridge Bay, close to the city, one would have expected a greater variety; but Toronto never seems to have been very rich in reptile forms. The Blue-tailed Lizard, which occurs north-east of the city at Peterborough, and north-west around the Georgian Bay, has never been found here; and we have no poisonous snakes in this district. Rattlesnakes were, formerly, plentiful in the country from Hamilton to Niagara, and a few still linger in the Niagara glens, and they are also found at the Georgian Bay; but, like the lizard, they seem to prefer rocky districts, and there is no record of their ever occurring near Toronto.

Nine snakes are found in this neighbourhood; four of these, viz., the Red-bellied, Dekay's Brown, Grass, and Ring-necked, are small snakes varying from a foot to eighteen inches in length; the other


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