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  1. Prairie Warbler. Dendroica discolor. Accidental, two records.

  2. Oven-bird. Seiurus aurocapillus. Regular migrant, abundant ; a not very common summer resident; breeds.

  3. Water Thrush. Seiurus noveboracensis noveboracensis. Regular migrant, usually not very common.

  4. Grinnell's Water-Thrush. Seiurus noveboracensis notabilis. Birds referable to this form occur with the preceding (Auk, 1908, p. 487).

  5. Louisiana Water-Thrush. Seiurus motacilla. Accidental, two records.

  6. Connecticut Warbler. Oporornis agilis. Regular migrant, not common.

  7. Mourning Warbler. Oporornis philadelphia. Regular migrant, not uncommon ; rare summer resident; breeds.

  8. Maryland Yellow-throat. Geothlypis trichas trichas. Regular migrant, common ; rare summer resident.

  9. Wilson's Warbler. Wilsonia pusilla pusilla. Regular migrant, common.

  10. Canada Warbler. Wilsonia canadensis. Regular migrant, common, probably a rare summer resident.

  11. Redstart. Setophaga ruticilla. Regular migrant, abundant; fairly common summer resident; breeds.


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