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  1. Ruddy Duck. Erismatura jamaicenensis. Regular fall migrant, said to have been formerly very abundant.

  2. Snow Goose. Chen hyperboreus hyperboreus. Migrant, very rare (Auk, 1913, p. 226).

  3. Blue Goose. Chen caerulescens. Accidental, one definite record.

  4. Canada Goose. Branta canadensis canadensis. Regular migrant, formerly common.

  5. Hutchins' Goose. Branta canadensis hutchinsi. Accidental, one definite record.

  6. Brant. Branta bernicla glaucogastra. Accidental, two records.

  7. Whistling Swan. Olor columbianus. Accidental (Auk. 1913. p. 226).

  8. Trumpeter Swan. Olor buccinator. No recent records.


  1. Bittern. Botaurus lentiginosus. Summer resident ; abundant migrant, breeds.

  2. Least Bittern. Ixobrychus exilis. Common summer resident, breeds.

  3. Cory's Least Bittern. Ixobrychus neoxenus. Sixteen specimens have been recorded from here, no recent ones; formerly bred.

  4. Great Blue Heron. Ardea herodias herodias. Regular migrant, common.

  5. Green Heron. Butorides virescens virescens. Regular migrant, not common.



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