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  1. Merganser. Mergus americanus. Winter resident and common migrant.

  2. Red-breasted Merganser. Mergus serrator. Regular migrant, common.

  3. Hooded Merganser. Lophodytes cucullatus. Regular migrant, common.

  4. Mallard. Anas platyrhynchos. Migrant, not common.

  5. Black Duck. Anas rubripes. Regular migrant, common; said to have formerly bred; one recent breeding record.

  6. Gadwall. Chaulelasmus streperus. Irregular migrant, rare.

  7. Baldpate. Mareca americans. Regular migrant, not common ; reported as abundant in Seton's manuscript list of 1884.

  8. Green-winged Teal.   Nettion carolinense. Regular migrant; rare, formerly abundant.

  9. Blue-winged Teal. Querquedula discors. Regular migrant, not uncommon; formerly much more abundant, probably bred.

  10. Shoveller. Spatula clypeata. Migrant, not common.

  11. Pintail. Defila acuta. Regular migrant, not uncommon.

  12. Wood Duck. Aix sponsa. Regular migrant, not uncommon.


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