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  1. Silver-haired Bat. Lasionycteris noctivagans (Le Conte). Apparently common.

  2. Red Bat. Nycteris borealis borealis (Muller). Apparently common.

  3. Hoary Bat. Nycteris cinerea (Beauvois). Rare.


  1. Otter. Lutra canadensis canadensis Schreber. Apparently rare in 1830, as Gapper had only seen skins, but according to the late Dr. Brodie the animal persisted till a very much later date.

  2. New York Weasel. Mustela noveboracensis noveboracensis Emmons. Not very common.

  3. Small Brown Weasel. Mustela cicognanii cicognanii (Bonaparte). Probably occurs; recorded by Gapper.

  4. Mink. Mustela vison vison (Schreber). Still not uncommon.

  5. Fisher. Manes pennanti pennanti Erxleben. One recorded by Gapper in 1830.

  6. Pine Martin. Martes americana americans Turton. Recorded by Gapper in 1830 and, according to the late Dr. Brodie, common till a much later date.

  7. Skunk. Mephitis mephitica mephitica (Shaw). Common. Gapper had seen only skins in 1830.

35. Raccoon. Procyon lotor lotor (Linnaeus). Still not uncommon. Listed by Gapper in 1830. 210

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