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  1. Flying Squirrel. Sciuropterus volans volans (Linnus). Not very common.


  1. Eastern Short-tailed Shrew. Blarina brevicauda talpoides (Gapper). Common. This is the Mole-like Shrew, Sorex talpoides, of Gapper.

  2. Masked Shrew. Sorex personatus personatus I. Geoff. St. Hillaire. Not common. This is illustrated by Gapper as Forester's Shrewmouse, Sorex foresteri (Richardson).

  3. Brewer's Mole. Parascalops breweri (Bach-man). Rare. This is perhaps the mole referred to by Gapper as the Shrew Mole, Scalops canadensis (Cuvier)=Scalops aquaticus (Linnus), which has not as yet been found here. Gapper's record was not based on personal knowledge.

  4. Star-nosed Mole. Condylura cristata (Linneus). Not uncommon.


  1. Brown Bat. Eptesicus fuscus (Beauvois). Not very common, if the number of skins in collection is a safe indication.

  2. Say's Bat. Myotis subulatus Say. Gapper says, " The most common Bat in the home district." Several specimens from the vicinity of Toronto are in the Museum of the Geological Survey at Ottawa, from the Seton collection.

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