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  1. Muskrat. Ondatra zibethica zibethica (Linnaeus). Still common.

  2. White-footed Mouse. Peromyscus leucopus noveboracensis (Fischer). Common. This is the Mouse-like Hampster, Cricetus myiodes of Gapper.

  3. Canadian White-footed Mouse. Peromyscus maniculus gracilis (Le Conte). One record, Deer Park (now part of Toronto). N. A. Fauna 28, p. 45.

  4. House Mouse. Mus musculus Linnaeus. Introduced ; very common according to Gapper in 1830.

  5. Brown Rat. Epimys norvegicus (Erxleben). Introduced ; had not penetrated further than the water front according to Gapper in 1830.

  6. Canadian Beaver. Castor canadensis canadensis Kuhl. Once common ; given by Gapper as very rare in 1830. A pair appeared in the grounds of Colonel Denison about 1884.

  7. Woodchuck. Arctomys monax monax (Lin-. Common.

  8. Chipmunk. Tamias striates lysteri (Richardson). Very common.

  9. Northern Grey Squirrel. Sciurus carolinensis leucotis (Gapper). Formerly common, becoming scarcer; the indigenous form was black, the grey animal on which Gapper founded his leucotis was rare, but it has become much commoner since then. The squirrels in High Park are black and have not been introduced.

  10. Red Squirrel. Sciurus hudsonicus loquax Bangs. Very common.


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