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Miller, Jr., for checking the nomenclature, which seems to be as fleeting in mammals as in birds.


  1. Virginia Opossum. Didelphis virginiana virginiana Kerr. Accidental, one record.



  1. Northern Virginia Deer. Odocoileus virginianus borealis Miller. Formerly common, exterminated, records up to 1837.


  1. Prairie Cottontail. Sylvilagus floridanus mearnsi Allen. Common, first records about 1884. (" Ottawa Naturalist," 1908, pp. 158-9.)

  2. Southern Varying Hare. Lepus americanus virginianus (Harlan). Formerly common, only recently exterminated; still found just outside in limits of this list.

  3. Jumping Mouse. Zapus hudsonius hudsonius (Zimmermann). Generally distributed, not very common.

  4. Red-backed Mouse. Evotomys gapperi gapperi (Vigors). Described by Gapper in 1830; no recent records.

7. Meadow Mouse.      ilicrotus pennsylvanicus
pennsylvanicus (Ord). Abundant. 207


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