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THIS list is in part based on three small collections of mammals made in the immediate vicinity of Toronto ; one, by Mr. Ernest T. Seton, made between 1887 and 1891, and now in the Victoria Memorial Museum, Ottawa ; another, made by Mr. C. W. Nash, now in the Provincial Museum, Toronto ; and, finally, my own collection.

A very important list was published by Dr. Anthony Gapper in the " Zoological Journal of Lon-don" in 1830 (Vol. V, pp. 201-207). According to the late Mr. John Hallam, Dr. Gapper came from England about 1825 and settled with his brother on lot 40 or 41 on the east side of Yonge Street, less than ten miles from the present city limits. He returned to England in 1831 after collecting considerable natural history material. In his paper four new mammals are described, and the list gives a clear idea of the conditions before the original forest had disappeared. For conditions between Dr. Gap-per's time and recent years I have used information given me from time to time by the late Dr. William Brodie, and, finally, I have to thank Mr. Gerrit S.


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