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Ix preparing this first list of the Fauna in the neighbourhood of Toronto it was fully recognized that while the lists of the Vertebrates could be made practically complete, and those of the Insects and Mollusca fairly so, great gaps must of necessity occur in those of the other groups of Invertebrates. It has seemed advisable, however, to place on record our scanty information concerning these last named groups, not only for the sake of completeness, but more especially in the hope that its very scantiness may stimulate the naturalists of the vicinity to make a special study of these hitherto neglected forms. Abundant and interesting results would undoubtedly follow from the study of such groups as the Ants, the Spiders, the Entomostracous Crustacea, the Earthworms and their allies, the Rotifers and the Infusoria, and it is to be hoped that when another edition of this list is prepared these groups may be fully represented.

The editor desires to thank those who have compiled the various lists that follow, for the care and promptitude with which they have accomplished their tasks, willingly undertaken. It is hoped that the brief bibliographical references appended to each list may be of use to those who may be desirous of undertaking faunistic work in this vicinity.



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