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producer passes the winter in the larval form and emerges in June.

Gnorimoschema gallaesolidaginis, Riley. The hosts are the same as in the preceding species. The producer emerges in August and winters in the imago form.

Gnorimoschema gallaeasterella, Kellicott, on the golden-rods Solidago latifolia, L., and Solidago caesia var. axillaris, Gray (seldom). Resembles the former species closely in its life history. Both species of this genus are originated on the lower half of the stem of the host.

Stagmatophora ceanothiella, Cosens. Host Ceanothus americanus, L. Usually found terminal on the stem of New Jersey Tea, in which case the flower cluster is aborted. The producer passes the winter in the larval state and emerges in June.


Cecidomyia bulla, Walsh, on the sunflowers Helianthus decapetalus, L., and Helianthus divaricatus, L. Occur usually on the stem of the hosts as small flask-shaped swellings.

Cecidomyia balsamicola, Lintner. Host Abies balsamea (L.), Mill. Consist of a slight enlargement of the needles of the balsam produced by a folding of these organs.

Cecidomyia impatientis, O.S. Host Impatiens bi flora, Walt. A spherical, polythalamous gall attached to the host plant by a tapering stalk.



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