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0scillaria limosa, Agardh. Phormidium autumnale, Gomont.

Family Nostocaceae.

Nostoc ellipsosporum, Rai).* Toronto Island, on ground in marshy places.

" commune, Vauch.

,,   caeruleum, Lyng.

" pruniforme, Agardh.* Forming dark blue-green or blackish-green floating balls, sometimes as large as a small hen's egg. Don Valley.

Anabaena flos-aquae, Bra.

"      azollae, Stras.* Greenhouse, in tissues of the little floating fern Azolla. Cylindrospermum stagnale, B. & F.

Family Scytonemaceae. Tolypothrix lanata, Wart.

Family Rivulariaceae. Calothrix fusca, B. & F.

Rivularia dura, Roth.

"   natans, Welwitsch.*


Species of the following genera of diatoms have been reported by W. B. Tindall, Esq. :

Stauroneis, Pinnularia, Navicula, Surirella, Meridion, Diatoma, Pleurosigma, Epithema, Gomphonema, Cocconeis, Bacillaria.



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