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photographs of nearly three hundred specimens which I have not been able to identify with confidence. Besides these, there are many which I have not attempted to do anything with, and no doubt there are many which I have not fallen in with or have not noticed. It would seem, therefore, that there is an abundant field for study in this district.



In regard to the edibility of the species which I have collected, I have not experimented much; but I have tried twenty-nine species, twenty of which have met with sufficient approval to be always gathered for the table, when found conveniently and in sufficient quantities at a time.

While there are to be found near Toronto many edible species, comparatively few species occur in sufficient numbers at a time to make them worth while gathering. Edible Russulae, for instance, in most places come up scarcely a dish at a time in any one place. The same may be said of the Boleti. There are, of course, exceptional places, such as De Grassi Point on Lake Simcoe, where, in the extensive groves of oaks, Russulae are extraordinarily plentiful in July and August. On the other hand, in about September any one who finds the Honey-coloured Mushroom (Armillaria mellea) and the Brick-top (Hypholoma sublateritiur) good eating will have no difficulty in obtaining an ample supply. Large quantities also of the Fairy Ring Mushroom (Maras-


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