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Family Grimmiaceae.

Grimmia apocarpa (L.), Hedw., var. gracilis (Schleich.), W. & M. Growing on stones in woods along the Humber River.

Hedwigia ciliata, Ehrh.

Family Tortulaceae.

Barbula unguiculata (Huds.), Hedw. Banks of the Humber River.

Weisia viridula, Brid. Dry clay banks in woods northeast of Taylor's brickyards.

Family Funariaceae

Physcomitrium turbinatum (Michx.), Brid. Wet, shady woods at York Mills.

Funaria hygrometrica (L.), Sibth. Common on waste ground.

Family Timmiaceae.

Timmia megapolitana, Hedw. Swamps at Jefferson, near Toronto.

Family Aulacomniaceae.

Aulacomnium heterostichum (Hedw.), B. & S. palustre, Schwaegr. Common in wet places.

Family Bartramiaceae.

Bartramia pomiformis (L), Hedw. Not uncommon.


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