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Family Sphagnaceae.

Sphagnum acutifolium, Ehrh. Common. cymbifolium, Ehrh. Common. squarrosum, Pers. Common.

There are sphagnum bogs at Wilcox Lake, High-land Creek, Snelgrove, and other places almost as accessible, and remains of a sphagnum vegetation just west of High Park. Up to about 1905 there was one at Swansea, and in it there was a typical and abundant bog flora, including pitcher plants, sun-dews, etc.

Family Georgiaceae

Georgia pellucida (L.), Rabenh. Everywhere common.

Family Polytrichaceae.

Catharinea undulata (L.), W. & M. Abundant in woods.

Polytrichum commune, L.

juniperinum, Willd.

Family Dicranaceae.

Ceratodon purpureus (L.), Brid. Common. Dicranum flagellare, Hedw. In woods at Bond Lake, near Toronto.

Leucobryum glaucum (L.), Schimp. Woods in

Long Branch Park, Toronto. Dicranella varia, Schimp. Wet clay banks, Bloor

Street West.


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