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Riccia natans, L. Abundant at Guelph and at Niagara Falls in stagnant pools.

Family Marchantiaceae.

Conocephalus conicus (L. ), Dum. Abundant every-where in woods.

Lunularia vulgaris. In greenhouses locally. Marchantia polymorpha, L. Rather common. Preissia quadrata (Scop.), Nees. (Preissia commu-

tata, Nees). Found repeatedly at

York Mills.

Family Metzgeriaceae.

Aneura multifida, Dum. Rich woods. Common. Family Jungermanniaceae.

Bazzania trilobata (L.), S. F. Gray. Ravines west of High Park.

Geocalyx graveolens (Schrad.), Nees. Ravines west of High Park.

Lophocolea heterophylla (Schrad.), Dum. Ravines west of High Park.

Porella platyphylla (L.), Lindb. Woods at Wilcox Lake, near Toronto.

Ptilidium ciliare (L.), Nees.

Radula complanata (L.), Dum.

Family Anthocerotaceae.

Anthoceros sp. Common in lowlands in High Park and East Toronto. 151

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