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  1. Equisetum variegatum, var. jesupi (?). This occurs locally, but is quite common in certain localities—at Toronto Island, along Humber River, Toronto, and at one locality in Eastern Ontario near Madoc. Found in damp sand.

  2. Equisetum scirpoides, Michx. Appears to be the second most common Equisetum around Toronto. It is to be found growing on moist mounds in low woods.


  1. Lycopodium selago, L. This species, as far as reported, has been found only in Northern Ontario in low rocky woods.

  2. Lycopodium lucidulum, Michx. (Shining Club-moss). Frequent in High Park, Toronto, but rap-idly disappearing.

  3. Lycopodium inundatum, L. (Bog Club-moss). Found mostly northward along the boggy shores of lakes and ponds.

  4. Lycopodium annotinum, L. (Stiff Club-moss). Reported common in woods, Peel Co. (White) ; also common northward.

  5. Lycopodium obscurum, var. dendroideum, D.C. Eaton (Ground Pine). Found occasionally in rich woods. Common northward.

  6. Lycopodium complanatum, L. (Ground Pine or Trailing Christmas-green). One plant found at Credit Forks, Ont. (White). Common northward.


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