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  1. Botrychium lanceolatum, var. angustisegmentum, Pease and Moore (Lance-leaved Grape-fern). Found in one locality near Port Sydney, Muskoka, Ont. Also reported from Peel Co. (White).

  2. Botrychium ramosum, Aschers. Occurs with Botrychium lance olatum var. in rich woods.

  3. Botrychium obliquum, Muhl. Common north-ward in open grassy fields. Also from Peel Co. (White).

  4. Botrychium ternatum, var. intermedium, D. C. Eaton. Large specimens of this plant occur rarely in High Park, Toronto, in open sandy soil.

  5. Botrychium virginianum, Sw. (Rattlesnake Fern). This is the most common of the Botrychiums in rich woods throughout Ontario.


  1. Equisetum arvense, L. (Field Horsetail). Common in wet sandy soil everywhere.

  2. Equisetum sylvaticum, L. (Wood Horsetail). Common in damp woods, in light soil near Toronto; also in many other localities throughout the province.

  3. Equisetum hyemale, L. (Scouring-rush). Occurs around Toronto on damp hillsides and ravines.

  4. Equisetum fluviatile, L. (Pipes or Swamp Horsetail). Very common in muddy secluded ditches, amongst grass or in shallow water. Found along the Humber River, Toronto.



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