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29. Onoclea struthiopteris, Hoffm. (Ostrich Fern). This is one of our best known ferns, growing mostly in moist, open situations. Under favour-able conditions it reaches a height of four or five feet.


  1. Osmunda regalis, L. (Royal Fern or Flowering Fern). Common northward along the borders of streams and ponds, also throughout Ontario locally.

  2. Osmunda claytoniana, L. (Interrupted Fern).. Near Toronto, in Ashbridge's " Wood," High Park, and along the Humber River. Distributed through-out Ontario.

  3. Osmunda cinnamomea, L. (Cinnamon Fern). This species is often found in the same localities as the preceding, but usually in more moist and shaded localities.


  1. Ophioglossum vulgatum, L. (Adder's-tongue). Very rare near High Park, Toronto. Near Port Sydney, Muskoka, Ont., it occurs in long grass in damp ground, in shaded situation.

  2. Botrychium lunaria, Sw. (Moonwort). This has been reported from Northern Ontario.

  3. Botrychium simplex, Hitchcock (Little Grape-fern). Found in one locality in open woods near High Park, Toronto. Also reported frequent on upland pastures in Peel County (White).


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