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Toronto it appears to be quite rare. In southwestern and eastern Ontario it is also fairly common.

  1. Asplenium filix-femina, Bernh. (Lady Fern). Very common and varied in form according to habitat and locality. Occurs in moist woods.

  2. Camptosorus rhizophyllus, Link. (Walking Fern). On moist moss-covered limestone rocks at Niagara Glen. In similar habitat at Credit Forks (White). Also from several other localities in Ontario.

  3. Polystichum acrostichoides, Schott. (Christmas Fern). Common generally in rich rocky woods.

  4. Aspidium thelypteris, Sw. (Marsh Shield Fern). Common everywhere from south to north along the grassy borders of marshes.

  5. Aspidium noveboracense, Sw. (New York Fern). Reported rare in low woods from Peel County (White). Common northward.

  6. Aspidium marginale, Sw. (Evergreen Wood-fern). One of the most common ferns, occurring in open rocky woods.

  7. Aspidium goldianum, Hook. (Goldie's Fern). Occurs in the Niagara peninsula, at Niagara Glenn and in eastern Ontraio, in low rich woods in calcareous soil.

  8. Aspidium boottii, Tuckerm. (Boott's Shield fern). Several plants found at Madoc, Ont., at the foot of a limestone cliff in shaded situation. Here it occurred with Aspidium spinulosum intermedium and Aspidium marginale.


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