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  1. Pteris aquilina, L. (Brake or Bracken). Common everywhere, mostly in open, sandy ground.

  2. Pellaea atropurpurea, Link. (Purple-stemmed Cliff-brake). Occurs extensively at Niagara Glen and at Credit Forks and in many other localities, usually high up in crevices of limestone cliffs.

  3. Cryptogramma stelleri, Prantl. (Slender Cliff-brake). Reported rare at Credit Forks on the face of limestone cliffs (White).

  4. Woodwardia virginica, Sm. (Virginia Chain-fern.) Apparently very local. There is a large colony of it near Snelgrove, in Peel County (White). Farther north it occurs more commonly in sphagnum bogs and marshes near Port Sydney, Muskoka, and other localities.

  5. Asplenium viride, Huds. (Green Spleenwort). Reported rare in crevices of limestone rocks at Credit Forks (White).

  6. Asplenium trichomanes, L. (Maidenhair Spleenwort). Common on moss-covered logs and limestone rocks at Niagara Glen and Credit Forks.

  7. Asplenium angustifolium, Michx. (Narrow-leaved Spleenwort). Very local. Occurs with Aspidium goldeanum and Asplenium acrostichoides at Niagara Glen and at Madoc in eastern Ontario, in rich, damp woods. Reported also rare in low woods at Credit Forks (White), and from the Don Valley, Toronto.

12. Asplenium acrostichoides, Sw. (Silvery Spleen-wort). Although common in northern Ontario, near 143


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