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hair Spleenwort, and Goldie's fern. There are also certain northern forms characteristic of the igneous rocks of the northern part of the Province. Amongst these we have the New York fern, Woodsias, Fragrant Shield fern, and several Lycopodiums. Certain forms, again, which are quite common in other countries are quite local and rare in this, as is the case with the male fern, Hart's Tongue, and Wall Rue.

The following list includes the more commonly occurring Pteridophyta, as well as a few that are quite local and rare.


1 Adiantum pedatum, . L. (Maidenhair). Fairly common in secluded parts of rich woods.

  1. Polypodium vulgare, L. (Common Polypody). Common in the crevices of limestone rocks and at the foot of granite cliffs at Niagara Glen, Credit Forks, and throughout the province generally.

  2. Phegopteris polypodioides, Fee (Long Beech-fern). Rather rare on shaded bank at Highland Creek, but quite common in the northern part of the province, where Phegopteris hexagonoptera (Broad Beech-fern) is reported to occur with it occasionally (Shaw) ; also rare in rich woods at Inglewood, Ont. (White).

  3. Phegopteris dryopteris, Fee (Oak Fern). Universally common in rich woods.


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