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THE SEED PLANTS OF TORONTO Mentha arvensis, var. canadensis, Briquet.

piperita, L. (Peppermint). Grows on the Island.

"   rotundifolia, Huds. Grows on the Island. spicata, L. (Spearmint).

Collinsonia canadensis, L. (Rich-weed). SOLANACEAE (Nightshade Family).

Solanum dulcamara, L. (Bittersweet).


nigrum, L. (Common Nightshade).

"   rostratum, Dunal. (Buffalo Bur.)

Physalis pruinosa, L. (Strawberry-Tomato). Nicandra physalodes, Pers. (Apple of Peru). Lycium halimifolium, Mill. (Common Matrimony


Hyoscyamus niger, L. (Henbane).

Datura stramonium, L. (Thorn Apple).

SCROPHULARIACEAE (Figwort Family). Verbascum blattaria, L. (Moth Mullein).


thaspus, L. (Common Mullein).

Linaria minor, Desf.


vulgaris, Hill. (Butter and Eggs). A form

of this species with white, spurless flowers grows at York Mills. Scrophularia marilandica, L.

Pentstemon hirsutus, Willd. (Beard-tongue).


laevigatus, Ait, Willd. (Beard-tongue).

Chelone glabra, L. (Turtlehead). At Mount Dennis.

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