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THE SEED PLANTS OF TORONTO Anemonella thalictroides, Spach. (Rue Anemone). Hepatica acutiloba, DC. (Hepatica).

triloba, Chaix. (Hepatica).

Anemone canadensis, L.

cylindrica, Gray.

quinquefolia, L. (Wood anemone).

virginiana, Gray.

Clematis virginiana, L.

Caltha palustris, L. (Marsh Marigold).

Coptis trifolia, Salisb. (Goldthread). Common at Mount Dennis.

Aquilegia canadensis, L. (Columbine).

Actaea alba, Mill. (White Baneberry).


rubra, Wild. (Red Baneberry).

MAONOLIACEAE (Magnolia Family).

Liriodendron tulipifera, L. (Tulip Tree). Planted. The Lake Erie district constitutes its northern limit.

MENISPERMACEAE (Moonseed Family).

Menispermum canadense, L. (Moonseed). More common in Niagara area.

BERBERIDACEAE (Barberry Family).

Podophyllum peltatum, L. (May Apple or Man-drake).

Jeffersonia diphylla, Pers. (Twinleaf).

Caulophyllum thalictroides, Michx. (Blue Cohosh).


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