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THE SEED PLANTS OF TORONTO Cypripediuln parviflorum pubescens. (Larger Yellow L.).

Orchis spectabilis, L. (Showy Orchis).

Habenaria clavellata, Spreng.

"   flava, Gray.

"   hyperborea, R. Br.

"   orbiculata, Torr.

"   psycodes, Sw.

Serapias helleborine, L. Plentiful in High Park and Don Valley.

Spiranthes cernua, Richard (Ladies' Tresses). Epipactis pubescens, A. A. Eaton.

"   repens, Crantz.

Corallorrhiza maculata, Raf.

"   odontorhiza, Nutt. Common in swamps.

"   trifida, Chatelain (Coral Root). Microstylis monophyllos, Lindl.

Liparis loeselii, Richard.

Calypso bulbosa, Oakes. Found up the Don.

SALICACEAE (Willow Family). Salix alba, L. (White Willow). Introduced.

" babylonica, L. (Weeping Willow). Introduced.


cordata, Muhl.

" discolor, Muhl.


fragilis, L. (Crack Willow). Introduced.


humilis, Marsh.

" lueida, Muhl. (Shining Willow).


nigra, Marsh. (Black Willow).


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